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Ensure your company’s future with BackupMaster. Our reliable backup solutions safeguard your critical data, providing peace of mind and seamless recovery in case of emergencies. Don’t leave your essential information at risk – start protecting your data today with BackupMaster.


Backups for Shopify

Protect your Shopify store with automated daily backups and seamless data restoration. Keep your business safe from data loss with our reliable backup solutions.

Restore lost or damaged data with ease

Undo unwanted changes with a click

Quickly roll back your site after major failures


Backups for BigCommerce

Prepare for robust backup solutions for your BigCommerce store. Soon, you'll have access to automated daily backups and easy restoration options to safeguard your data.

Automated Daily Backups

Quick and Easy Restoration

Secure Data Protection

Security and Trust You Can Rely On

Working Towards SOC 2 Compliance

We are excited to share that BackupMaster has implemented all SOC 2 requirements, and an independent auditor is now verifying our compliance. This is a significant milestone in our commitment to providing secure and reliable backup solutions.

Enhanced Security Measures: Our implementation of SOC 2 requirements strengthens our data protection protocols.

Independent Verification: An accredited auditor is currently verifying our compliance, ensuring transparency and trust.

Commitment to Excellence: This step reflects our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of security and operational excellence.


Reliable, scalable, and proudly from Sydney, Australia

Since 2017, we’ve been delivering robust backups and exceptional support to businesses worldwide. We understand that when you have a question or concern, you need personal attention and a swift resolution. That’s why our team is always ready to listen, guide, and safeguard your business as if it were our own.

Experts in data protection

Dedicated support for all your technical questions

Fast responses and commitment to your success


BackupMaster is loved by businesses worldwide

"Has truly saved us multiple times - incredible safety feature. Highly recommend. Backups can be restored in such specific and important ways that you always are able to have an oversight of your e-comm platform. 10/10"



"This app saved our life - we had one code issue and if we didn't have this app installed we wouldn't have been able to quickly fix what was happening. Customer service is on point with response and the price is right for exactly what you get."


United States

"This is the best backup for Shopify stores. We have extensively tested apps, and there is no comparison at any price. We used Rewind for 5 years and the features AND fast customer service for BackupMaster are superior. BackupMaster gives you access to way more store data than any other app, including metafield data. Absolutely fantastic app! A++++"

Antique Jewelry Mall

United States


Protect your business with automatic backups

We are proud to have protected the data of over 4,500 companies, ranging from small artisanal businesses to large enterprises. The trust and loyalty our customers have shown us are a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions.


Since 2017, we have been providing comprehensive backup services, ensuring peace of mind for businesses of all sizes.


Our app has created over 5.5 million backups and has never lost a single piece of valuable data.


Over 4,500 companies around the world have trusted us to protect their valuable data.