Alternative Access to Backup Data


BackupMaster is seamlessly integrated into the Shopify admin, but if you lose access to your Shopify store, our external portal offers an alternative way to access your backups. This feature is particularly useful if your store is unexpectedly closed by Shopify or if you lose access to your store.

Activating Alternative Access to Backup Data

To activate this feature, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings:
    • Navigate to the settings in the BackupMaster app.
  2. Activate and Set Password:
    • Click the "Activate and Set Password" button.
    • A popup will appear with the following message: "To enable alternative access to your user data, we will send an email to with a link to the registration page. On this page, you will be prompted to set up a new password for this access method. This ensures enhanced security and personalized control over your data."
  1. Send Registration Email:
    • Click "Send" to receive a registration email.
    • You will receive an email titled "Complete Your Registration for Alternative Access to Shop Backup Data."
  2. Set Up Password:
    • Click the registration link in the email.
    • Set a password for alternative access to your shop's backup data.
  1. Save Access Link:
    • Return to settings and copy the link to access your data.
    • Save this link locally for emergencies. You will also receive an email with this link for your convenience.

Why Use Alternative Access?

The alternative access feature ensures that you have access to your critical data even if:

  • Store Closure: Your store is unexpectedly closed by Shopify.
  • Lost Access: You lose access to your Shopify admin account.

Security Measures

BackupMaster prioritizes the security of your data:

  • Encrypted Access: All data accessed through the external portal is encrypted.
  • Password Protection: You set a unique password for portal access, enhancing security.
  • Email Verification: Activation requires email verification to ensure authorized access.


Activating alternative access ensures that you can always access your backup data, even if you lose access to your Shopify store. This feature provides enhanced security and personalized control over your data. If you need assistance, contact our support team.

Contact Our Support Team:

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