How to Restore Individual Items in BackupMaster App for Shopify


Restoring individual items with BackupMaster is straightforward and efficient. This guide will help you recover specific data such as products, themes, orders, and customers.

Steps to Restore Individual Items

  1. Access Backup Storage and Select the Category
    • Open the App: Launch the BackupMaster app from your Shopify admin panel.
    • Navigate to Backup Storage: On the dashboard, find the "Backup Storage" section.
    • Choose a Category: Select the category of the item you want to restore, such as products, themes, orders, or customers.
  2. Locate the Specific Item
    • Use the Search Bar: Type in the name or details of the item you need to restore.
    • View Backed-Up Versions: Click on the item to see all its backed-up versions.
  3. Compare Versions
    • Side-by-Side Comparison: The current version in your store is displayed on the left, and the backed-up version is on the right, making it easy to compare changes.
    • Select Different Versions: Use the dropdown to select and compare different versions to find the one you need to view or restore.
  4. Restore the Item
    • Select the Version: Choose the version you wish to restore.
    • Click the "Restore to this version" Button: Initiate the restoration process.
  5. Select Specific Fields for Products
    • When restoring a product, you can choose specific fields to restore, such as basic fields (description), images, or price. This feature allows you to avoid altering unnecessary data.
  6. Confirm and Complete Restoration
    • Confirm the restoration process when prompted.
    • If the restoration is successful, you will see a success message. If there is an error, try again. If the problem persists, contact our support team.

Items Supported for Automatic Restoration

BackupMaster can restore the following items:

  • Products
  • Smart Collections
  • Custom Collections
  • Themes
  • Blogs and Blog Posts
  • Files
  • Pages
  • Customers

Items Supported for Viewing Only

Some items, such as Policies, Shipping Zones, and Saved Searches, can be backed up and viewed in our app but not restored directly. This is due to Shopify API restrictions that prevent updating or creating these types of items. You can view these items and restore them manually in your store.

Restoring Inventory Levels for Specific Products

If you need to restore only inventory levels for specific products:

  • Choose a Location: Select the location for which you need to restore inventory levels.
  • Download CSV: Download a CSV file with inventories showing quantities for that location.
  • Adjust Manually: Open the CSV file, check the inventory levels, and manually adjust them in Shopify.


By following these steps, you can efficiently restore individual items, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations.

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