How to Uninstall the BackupMaster App from Your Shopify Store

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Removing BackupMaster and Halting Future Charges for Your Shopify Store

To cancel your BackupMaster subscription and stop future charges, the app must be removed from your Shopify store. This process is the only way to ensure no further charges from BackupMaster are applied to your account.

To uninstall the backup app, follow the standard procedure for uninstalling any other app. From your Shopify admin, click Settings > Apps and sales channels. Locate BackupMaster and click Uninstall. For more details, please refer to this guide: Uninstalling Shopify Apps.

According to Shopify's app charge policy, Shopify will only stop future charges related to an app once it has been uninstalled from the store. This does not cover any pending charges that were incurred before the app was removed.

It's important to note that uninstalling third-party apps, like BackupMaster, from Shopify can only be performed by the store owner or a staff member with the necessary permissions. This action cannot be undertaken by our team.

When you remove BackupMaster from your Shopify store, all data associated with your account will be erased from our servers within seven days. If you reinstall BackupMaster in the future, access to previously backed-up data will not be available.

Is manual code removal required from my Shopify store upon uninstalling BackupMaster?

BackupMaster is designed to work seamlessly with Shopify's backend, without adding any code to your store. Therefore, when you uninstall the BackupMaster app from your Shopify store, there's no need to manually remove any code.

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